Pre-Nuptial Financial Agreements

Pre-Nuptial Financial Agreement

pre-nuptial and financial agreements

A pre-nuptial financial agreement, also known as a binding financial agreement or a “pre-nup” is a document prepared by parties before they enter into a de facto relationship or a marriage.

These agreements cover issues such as the division of property or assets, or spousal maintenance arrangements in the event that the de facto relationship or marriage should break down. 

In Australia, both parties must receive independent and separate legal advice outlining the advantages and disadvantages of the pre-nuptial agreement before it is signed.  If properly drawn and executed this agreement supersedes the jurisdiction of the Family Court and the Family Law Act, so it is extremely important that this document is prepared properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A pre-nuptial agreement can include all sorts of items, but at a minimum they usually include details about division of assets, property and spousal maintenance, in the event of a breakdown in the relationship.  These documents are flexible, and can cover other items that you may wish to include.

Usually those with significant assets, or those entering another relationship and want the assets to go to their children rather than their new partner/their children will seek to have a pre-nuptial agreement in place.

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