Child Support

Child Support

child support

Child support is the process whereby payments are made from one parent to another in the event of a divorce or separation, to provide for that child’s welfare and education needs.

Child support payments are managed through the Department of Human Services, however often there is a need to seek alterations to the standard child support payments model, perhaps to account for children with special needs, private education costs, or there is a requirement to deal with those who won’t meet their child support obligations.

Luke Steel has extensive experience in the area of child support provision, and can assist with matters such as recovery of unpaid child support, making alterations to the assessment of child support done by the Department of Human Services, or advising on a private child support agreement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

See the Services Australia website for an estimator tool, which may be useful as a guide. The actual figure will vary depending on factors such as your income, the amount of time with the children that has been allocated to you, their ages and the number of children involved.

Normally child support payments cease when the child turns 18 years of age.

Child support and parenting issues are considered separately by the court. 

Should one party not make their child support payments as agreed, there are some actions that Services Australia can take, such as deducting from other support payments or bank accounts, working with a debt recovery agency, or prosecution.

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